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California Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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  • San Jose Non Medical Transportation Reviews

    My favorite transport to call for my adult senior patients! This transport is very effective and efficient. They do their best to accommodate my patients' non-emergency and non-medical needs. As a Social worker, that takes a lot off my shoulders considering my job is very stressful. I'll keep using their services because they do a fantastic job!

    Jonathan Fermin
  • San Jose Non Medical Transportation Reviews

    Most reliable transport company in Santa Clara county

    Mark Rivera
  • San Jose Non Medical Transportation Reviews

    My elderly mother had broken her leg just below the knee. So she has been in a leg brace to immobilize her leg. When she is sitting a wheelchair, her leg is sticking straight out in front of her. The problem is transporting her to the doctors office. She can't get into a car because she can't bend her leg. I found Fun and Go Transport has vans that can transport people in wheelchairs. We have used them 3 times and they have been wonderful. The dispatch person is friendly and communicates very clearly. The drivers have been great.

    They too have been very friendly, helpful and most importantly on time.

    I highly recommend them. We will be using them in the future.

    DAVID M - SUNNYVALE 9/20/2019
  • San Jose Non Medical Transportation Reviews

    I am a generally healthy middle-aged woman. I have no mobility issue, but I needed to have a designated driver for a medical procedure. The nurse refused to schedule my appointment unless I find a designated driver even though the procedure was very important for me. I do not have any family/relatives in the area, and I did not want to ask my friends/co-workers. So, I did a search and found Fun N Go. The service was well-organized and professional, and I was able to have the procedure successfully.

    ANONYMOUS San Jose CA 11/08/2019
  • San Jose Non Medical Transportation Reviews

    I have used Fun N Go to help transport my mother to dialysis and to other medical appointments for more than a year. Their service is excellent. The vans are clean, the drivers are caring and prompt, and the dispatch is run very professionally by Marie. I would highly recommend this company to those looking for safe, caring individuals who will assist with transport needs of those unable to care for themselves. I am very grateful to them for being so good with my mother and for being so understanding and flexible and communicative when things were not always as smooth as expected, which can happen with medical issues related to the elderly. Thank you all for your wonderful service. Devi.

    SRI DEVI Cupertino - 3/08/2019
  • San Jose Non Medical Transportation Reviews

    After a serious illness my mom needed short-term recuperation at a Stonebrook nursing home in Los Gatos Ca. She required transport to Devita Hemo-Dialysis center. We never relied on a service such as Fun n Go, I was very worried about the process of elderly transportation to and from dialysis. To our relief the owner & drivers of Fun n Go were kind, trustworthy, and reliable. My mother felt safe and cared for. We wish to offer our gratitude for taking wonderful care of our mother. You made a difficult time a much easier one. Thank you very Much.

    ELEANA A San Jose. 1/12/2017